Summer program


Summer is a season for spending time with pleasure and a lot of advantages. METHODICA Language School offers you UZBEK LANGUAGE AND CULTURE courses with a very diverse schedule. This is a good opportunity to visit Uzbekistan and its ancient cities, which are under the protection of UNESCO. You will take a dip in wonderful warm weather, long summer days, and pretty rich activities.

Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country, boasting an equally fascinating and inspiring history, speaking in one of the oldest Turkic languages, inhabited by Osh-loving people and surrounded by wonderful green nature overwhelming mountains view and ancient memorials located in modern cities are simply breath-taking!
This summer course is precisely about that – discovering Uzbekistan in full: studying the language, exploring our traditional cuisine and handicraft, learning about the exciting history and literature. There is so much to tell. And most importantly, Silk Road - an important role in the history of Uzbekistan and you will get to hear it all once you come here! It’s very necessary to be here to feel the ages of the sand and stones around you, to touch the places, which were almost in the same state as during Silk Road routes.

Uzbek language and culture summer course is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to (re)discover Uzbekistan: it is equally interesting for those who have some Uzbek or Turkic roots and for those who simply want to enjoy their summer learning about unique culture and languages in a multicultural environment.
Tashkent preserves its unique charm: living here is safe and comfortable, without any stress. Training will be held in cozy and bright auditoriums, in the ECO territory of the city.


Summer school 2019 brochure

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