About us

The first basic Professional UZBEK Language School 

METHODICA is a licensed, accredited language school with 5 years experience in teaching Uzbek, Uzbek+ and Russian language courses to foreigners, domestics and international companies.

METHODICA developed various methods and methodologies of teaching Uzbek as a foreign, taking into account the nationality of the students, language they speak, as well as the age category.



General Uzbek Language

This course is aimed at teaching Uzbek Language by 5 components: speaking, reading, listening, writing and grammar.  Moreover, you have an opportunity to visit historical and cultural places of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva - the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan. Thus you can receive language instructions and enjoy Uzbek way of life, taste the best Uzbek national dishes, participate in cultural events and major national celebrations, visit theatres, cinemas art galleries.

Speaking Uzbek
This course is good option for those who need to master the basic conversational speech and improve their general Uzbek and/or Russian language skills. Thanks to the small size of groups, which makes it possible to take an individual approach to each learner and achieve distinct results in a week.

Individual courses
Intensive language course is adapting to Your time and needs. Our teachers will choose the best pace, program, and methodology of learning Uzbek and Russian for You individually. Teaching is conducted using modern methods and approaches combining all the latest innovationы and educational technologies of foreign language teaching.

Business Uzbek/Russian courses
These courses are for people of business who value every single minute of their time and come across with Uzbek and Russian languages in their activity. We can help You to master the nuances and peculiarities of business communication, to get good language education, and to develop sufficient vocabulary necessary for business communication with foreign partners.

Office work in Uzbek
If you are going to run your business in Uzbekistan be sure you should be good in office work in Uzbek! We will teach you how to write letters, diplomatic notes and reports!

Summer School Programs
The courses in our School include cultural experiences, that focus on your language development:
Uzbek culture and historic site experience, which forms a key part of the course and your tutor will help to guide your learning in this unique cultural context. Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva museums and historical sights (optional) are unique opportunity to visit other than capital historical cities of Uzbekistan. Which makes the whole picture of Uzbek language and culture complete. Though being optional these trips are widely enjoyed as they create opportunity for foreign students to visit and see such cities of Uzbekistan known to the whole world and famous for their history, artists, people of culture and science. Silk Festival and Food Festival are interesting and meaningful complement to language classes, and you will have a chance to attend this festival(s) arranged in collaboration with full time university students. This festival(s) also forms a crucial part of the classes and avails students with a great opportunity to communicate not only with their classmates, but also with other students of Tashkent state university of Uzbek Language and Literature.

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